Thursday, 15 July 2010

Jesus is coming back...Quick, look busy!

I started, and have been heavily involved with, a discussion concerning the return of Jesus (or lack thereof) on a forum I am co-moderating.

Some good issues have been raised and I have actually learned a lot as the discussion had unfolded. There was a lot about Preterism that was new to me.   

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george antonijevic said...

I was at one of Barry's 'last days' services and brought along a friend who I thought needed Jesus. After the talk I was so embarrassed with the junk Barry delivered for eg. The little knob on CRT TV's has a red light, Barry said it really a camera that the Govt watches you with. He also said that the 3 long double bars on a supermarket barcode are 666! Despite the fact that digitally they are only 101 ie (5)so the 3 stripes are 555. That was it for me.