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Barry Smith's Books

If you haven't read my first post about Barry Smith then do so here before you continue reading this post.

I think the funniest thing about Smith's books, at least the first four, are the titles. They all sound so final, and then the next one sounds more final than the last. Smith really did believe he was living in the last days. You don't really don't need to buy all his books to show how loopy Barry Smith was as there are some collections of his bullshit online here and here. The best one is his claim that Jesus would return by the year 2000 (here).

I'll post the original publishing date of each book and an assortment of some of the more freaky chapter titles and headings. You can click on the book cover to go to Smith's own website which gives a more detailed table of contents list.

First Published: 1980
Does The Bible Speak Of The E.E.C.?/ The E.E.C. Leader's Reign/ Galloping Inflation/ Cash Cancelled/ The Five "I Wills" of Satan/ The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion/ The Illuminati/ The Seal of the Illuminati - On The US Dollar/ The Club of Rome/ The Russian Revolution and the Zionist State of Israel/ Christianity Under Attack/ Postscript to the Mystery of Iniquity: Freemasonry

First Published: 1985
Cash Will Crash In A Flash/ Back to The Club Of Rome/ Danger Famine Ahead/ Kissinger Capers/ Ivan Panin Proves Authority of Bible/ Law Systems Become Corrupt/ The Seal on the US $1/ The Plan Behind the Seal/ Education and New Age/ World Government Will Confiscate Guns, Ammunition and Communications Equipment/ Who is the God of Freemasonry?/ British Royal Family Envolvement/ Dangers to the Law System/ The World Church/ The Occult, Witchcraft, Tea Cup and Palm Reading, Divination/ Homosexuality/ Compulsive Gambling, Drug Taking, Tobacco, Alcohol/ Soap Operas/ Stages of Musical Disintegration/ Plastic Cards/

First Published: 1989
Noah's Ark Found/ 666 has arrived/ Where the Big Crash Will Start/ Undermining of Nations Sovereignty/ Mystery of Iniquity/ Henry Kissingers Role in Peace/ Prototype for E.C. 1992/ Illuminati History/ World Domination Aim/ The Protocols/ Link-up Pope John 23rd, R.C. and Mafia/ Cash - The Last Bastion of Privacy/ Spying on Christians/ A False Nuclear Threat/ A False Greenhouse Effect (Ozone Deception)/ The World's Population Needs to be Cut Down/ Aim to Bring Alternative Lifestyle People Out of the Bush and Control All Others/ The Aids Cover-up/ Overthrow of New Zealand Sovereignty/ Others Can Spy Too/ Commos Are Such Nice People/ Reason for USSR Strength/ A Demonic Spirit Controls All Unions/ The U.S.A. in World Government Plans/ Computerization Equals Bondage

First Published: 1992
Communism Not Dead/ Aids Created by Man/ Nuclear Scam/ Japanese Real Estate Collapse/ Masonic Symbols in Washington's Streets/ Mason's Say 'Lucifer is God'/ Methods to Ruin Each Sector of Society/ Small Business to Shut Down/ E.C. to Control All Trade/ Global Army/ One World Religion/ Silicon Chips - Microdots/ Trapped in Your Own Home/ Why go to Hell?

First Published: 1996
These chapter titles seem to be much like the last book.

First Published: 1998
South East Asia Ready for the High Jump/ The Berlin Wall/ What About Great Britain?/ All Countries are Linked in Trouble/ Goodbye China/ The U.S. Role in the Conspiracy/ The Kabalah/ America is Run by the Devil/ The Russian Invasion of Israel/ The Millennium Bug/ The Great Pyramid of Giza

First Published: 1999
Proof of a Conspiracy/ The Illuminati and America the Horrible/ The Illuminati Chooses U.S. Presidents/ The Y2K Bug/ Come Back Henry Kissinger

OK, so it all sounds really, really kooky. You may be wondering how I ever got sucked in by something so whacky. Well, that's the million dollar question really isn't it? I was young, and impressionable I guess. I also (wrongly) put a lot of trust in those in authority in the Pentecostal scene. Smith is also, like most end-times conspiracy preachers, very good at collecting facts, half-truths and complete bullshit and putting them all together with just enough spin to make it say whatever he wants it all to say. Remember, not all that he says is crap, just most of it and definitely the conclusions he draws. A lot of what he says is not verifiable as he claims 'indier information' at times. Let's just hope I learned some valuable lessons about verifying the claims of others, too easily accepting 'expert' opinions from less-than-experts, and blindly following people.

There is no doubt about it, this end-times nonsense is really that, pure nonsense. Smith and guys like him repeatedly get it wrong or at best, take current events (not future events) and position them onto their doctrines of Bible prophecy. In other words they have a revisionist view of Bible prophecy (it sounds like an oxymoron because it is!). They rarely get any of their predictions right and erroneous predictions are quickly forgotten. For the last 2000 years or so, none of them have seen Jesus return yet!


shawzy said...

dude I loved reading your comments. I was very much involved in the whole Penticostal thing...not now but I wont go into detail about....but what I found really interesting is your comment about the way you lived your life like there was only a few years left. That doesn't mean partying like crazy, butmore the mindset. Now I have 3 kids and hope to be living many more years to enjoy seeing them grow up and the whole lifecycle. Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

You can chastise Barry Smith all ya like, but he tells the truth, and in his latest videos he explained why he thought Jesus would return, and mentions that God's time is irrelevent to ours because the creator works solely on symbolisms. Barry cannot be faulted for the late arrival of the anti-christ and other things that have happened that have delayed the 2nd coming of the lord! The bible plainly says that we are to be ready at all times, for he could come like a "thief in the night". Barry is not responsible for the global elites that are ushering in the nwo. I watched some of Barry's videos from 2002 just before he died, and with the now economic crash we're having right now, I thought Barry had given these lectures only a few months before anything began happening! What's going on globally right now Barry spoke of back in 2002. HMMM, conspiracy or prophet??? When the dominoes start falling, you scoffers will remember every word people like Barry Smith spoke, for people laughed at Noah when he built the ark also, and we all know what happened after he built it, don't we?

Troy Waller said...

Anonymous, I feel sad for you. I hope you find your way free of this kind of scaremongering and get to spend you time on something constructive. I used to be like you, so I don't judge you. Rather, I know how deeply messed up you probably are.

Anonymous said...

IT is true that Barry SMith made some overzealous claims in his ministry, and became over enthusiastic about the return of the LORD as his predictions and research proved correct, as time wore on. This made him speculate about things he probably should have admitted were his own opinion. No person is infallible. We all have weaknesses and flaws. Barry's passion and humour were sometimes unbalanced, but he was ALWYAS ENTERTAINING :) God bless him. I am still a huge fan of his, and checked out everything he said, and sure nough he was bang on. The NWO, Illuminati and all the Freemason stuff, in particular. I believe that there are two types of fear:

That which causes you to freeze and paralyses you with anxiety, worry, and stress, and That which warns you to take action, moolize, protect yourself and your loved ones. This is the self protection type of fear, that is balanced and you can use a friend. i think it was Rocky who said it best," Fear is your friend if you can control it, and make it work for you, but if you let it, it will take you over and control you!". The people who discredit Barry Smith for the mistakes me may have made, should not forget that it was his message to try to save others lives and souls, that should never be forgotten. He was a lving and decent person who cared for others, and although many may disagree with his perception of prophecy, life, or the world, he was trying to do what he thought was right. His courage and battles with health problems icluding a triple/ bypass heart surgery, twice never stopped him from serving God, the way he thought God had told him to. And most of all, he witnesseed, as many others can attest , many demons being cast out of people, and many supernatural events, either from the devil hindering his ministry, or GOD intervening to save them from death, as they travelled all over the world. There are many witnesses that can verify his stories and many people who are bow born agains Christians, set free from the grip of the devil. And this was thanks to Barry being used by GOD, to help people escape suffering. Even though people did not have the intellectual capacity, nor work ethic to research and follow up, nor test what he said, many loved him for his humour, personality, warmth, and directness. He was a good teacher. And like all of us, flawed, but an incredibly brave and great man of GOD.

Anonymous said...

Troy Waller and all you others who are disputing there is a God and the word of God; labelling Barry Smith as a liar and moron, may God forgive you all. You are all fools the morons to not believe in the Creator. The bible tells you somewhere in Psalms (THE FOOL SAY THERE IS NO GOD) You will find out when the judgment day comes but by then it will be too late. As you would have all already been cast into hell fire to burn for eternity. How can you dispute God, the Creator and the bible and give praises to Satan, the world deceiver and destroyer. The bible tells you satan has come to kill, steal and destroy. It is clear satan has destroyed all your minds and lock you all into hell with him and has thrown away the key. There is a saying " I would rather spend my life believing there is a God and die to find out there was no God, than to spend my life not believing and then die to find out there is a God. Which one do you choose FOOLS

Troy Waller said...

Now, now. No need to start calling people names. Isn't there ALSO a verse about calling others fools and being in danger of Hellfire? Damned if you do, damned if you don't. ;p

Anonymous said...

It's obvious we are all witnessing that, Barry spoke the truth not from his own but what saith Jesus Christ. i'm aware people like you will come to discredit the truth but the truth is the truth. you only chastise the truth Barry spoke of but u have never proven the otherwise. Barry never spoke of himself as Holly but spoke that people should repent and turn away from evil. Barry never said He was not going to die to witness the 2nd coming of the Messiah. So make no mockery of his death. Europe now controls the world trade, EU has one president now ect. u may choose to live or die for fear has gripped you but Jesus is surely coming again. He wants to save you too because He loves you.

Anonymous said...

why write this blog anyway? bitterness from the heart perhaps

Anonymous said...

ps the comment i left was of concern for you dont take it as sarcasm. Bitterness can eat you up

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how much trouble you (the person who set up this website) have gone to to discredit Barry Smith/Faith/Chritianity... Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, and I can understand your sentiments, but it seems you are doing it in a very disrespectful and 'childish' way - for example you chastised someone's comments and said they should spend their time on something more constructive - can't you see that you could be doing the same thing instead of wasting so much energy setting up this website? I only stumbled upon this when I was looking up something about the pyramid at Giza and curiosity got the better of me. I will pray for you...

Troy Waller said...

Will you really pray for me though? ;)

Anonymous said...

I went to one of his lectures in 1981 in Canberra, and he said that George Bush would be president in the year 2000. Can anyone confirm that?

Troy Waller said...

Bush Jr. or Bush Sr.? After all, Bush Sr. was the Vice President in 1981 and it wouldn't be hard to see him as a future President. But if he meant Bush Jr. then that's pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Troy.... but seems you've got absolutely no idea what you're talking about or you're a freemason or part of the evil system working towards NWO yourself...Like a previous reply..why go to so much effort ? Wake Up ! It's all happening all around you ...everyone is too blind to see what's going on. People can search and watch movies about NWO, Illuminati and will see for themselves what's going on and why everyone needs to wake up...Watch some films like Zeitgeist, Wake Up Call, Loose Change ... why do you think these films don't make it onto TV or the cinemas... because they're not allowed or prevented from being screened to the greater public...see if you can get your local tv station to put these on tv for you in prime time slot after the news and I guarantee it will not happen... I'm no religious freak..someone opened my eyes to it about 15yrs ago yes by showing me the books Postscript and Final Notice... watch some of those films I mentioned and you'll see what's going on... I just started looking into it again after wondering why all of a sudden government is trying to remove religion from schools, making it acceptable for gays to marry, taking more and more rights/liberties away from people... I tell ya why control of the people... sorry but you need to open your eyes and see what's goin' on.. Here in Australia political correctness/control has gone crazy..more rights taken from people all the time now..less or no freedom of speech now as you may offend someone...wake up...wake up

Troy Waller said...

I love posts like the one directly above. Absolutely brilliant! I'm either ignorant or am party to the conspiracy? I have a Master in Journalism and can assure you that there were no lectures on adhering to the Freemasons or the New World Order agenda. Perhaps I was home sick that day. ;P

Anonymous said...

"I love replies like above..." yadayadayada .... Funny you didn't answer my questions in your reply..just jibber because you don't have a reply for my questions to justify your argument except to say that you weren't educated about adehering to freemason or NWO ! I say you're very uneducated to be that stubborn and have such a narrow mind ! You're a journalist...a get told what to report on and where ! See if you can follow the chain back to who is the first instruction giver to your boss' boss' boss' boss' boss' boss' or maybe even a few more down the track... Or as a journalist organise for Loose Change, or any one of those I mentioned in my previous post,to be aired on national tv at prime time and if you can't tellme why not.

Troy Waller said...


I have not seen any of the movies you refer to. Perhaps if I did then the Illuminati, Masons and NWO would revoke my membership (you forgot to mention Dan Brown's faves, the Catholic Church). ;)

I had a look in Wikipedia and found this as a potential reason why 'Loose Change' didn't make it on to TV:

Dude, I tell you now, there are certainly biases and influences on the media but if you think there is an all-powerful controlling puppet-master somewhere then you're just silly. It doesn't exist. YOU have fallen for a paranoid lie.

I live in China and I see (everyday) what happens when a monolithic power attempts to control the media and mate, it is blatant and obvious. Even now I have to use a VPN to access Blogger because it is blocked in China. I tell you, the West doesn't suffer from what you think it does. You want to call me ignorant, then come and walk a mile in these Chinese shoes and you'll see who the REAL silly duffer is. Truly. You need to shut up.

While the media often fails in the attempt, most do *try* to report the truth and in a balanced fashion. Perhaps you should try watching 'Media Watch' on the ABC with some regularity and you'll see what happens when journos fall short.

You're embarrassing yourself...and your religion.

Martin Horan said...

Troy Waller has a great sense of humour: "...I don't judge you. Rather, I know how deeply messed up you probably are." Hilarious!
Yes Barry Smith got a lot of side issues wrong. (So did Jesus' disciples.)But he corrected them and apologised when he saw them. That's what's required of a Christian. None of us is perfect. We have to keep repenting. If we think we're perfect then that shows us to be fools. Some things in this life are scary. Jesus' teachings are full of warnings and even threats. Ignoring them or denying them is stupidity. It's best to check them out first. If something's true, however unpalitable, it is still true. Sadly, most people think like politicians and religious freaks. They have paradigms and any facts they face must fit into their already held paradims rather than dictacte the paradigms. Christianity demands the facts must dictate the paradigms. Pseudo-Christianity (i.e., "Churchianity") does not. It's no different from politics or religion. Barry Smith, like his Saviour, was not religious.
I have noticed how most of what Barry Smith taught still falls into place. I don't agree with everything he said but I'm glad I've read his writings. I find people still learn from them.

Anonymous said...

The simple truth is that we are witnessing a time that has no precedent in history.... regardless of whether the late Ps Barry Smith is correct or incorrect "At the end of the day it is just Jesus and you at the end of the day". No Jesus no light.
We are all given a choice and each person will have to stand and give an account. Jesus will return, but no one knows the day or the hour accept the Father himself. I would rather be ready than miss the party. It is not about religion or other facts , it is about relationship with Jesus as no one can come before the Father except through Christ. So peoples do not fear about all these things that will come as they must, we have a small infallible brain and our ways are not Gods ways, we will never under stand Him, we become like children and accept THAT JeSus is the way and the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

The last point is succinct and sums much of it in a nutshell. But God does give us teachers, and they don't get everything right. Whereas prophets must. (Though so-called ones often use this claim that they don't either.)
Barry Smith didn't claim to be a prophet.
While it's true that none of us knows EXACTLY when Jesus will come back, He does give us plenty of indications of the time. We must remember that no-one was given the EACT date of his first advent but Jesus castigated the religious leaders of that time who did not get the signs of those times, thus seeing who He was.
God tells us in Malachi, "I am God, I never change." And we all know the Sctipture, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever."
So that means is is not pleased with the people now who ignore such signs as "As in the days of Noah..." "As in the days of Lot..." "As in the days of Sodom..." They are merely doing as the Scribes, Pharisees and Saducees did.
The Jews are back in their land--as prophesied in many places in the Bible--and are facing "the Ancient hatred" and that's, as prophesied too; it's also from the descendants of same ancient enemies. And these people are identified clearly, in Psalm 83, and the Book of Obadiah for starters. And we know much of these things are still to happen because they never happened before.
I think warnings of those things help us to be ready and I feel that Barry Smith got many people ready who had never before thought of being so.
We aught to bear in mind to that the Spirit of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy and it is prophecy that frustrates our critics!
NO other faith has fulfilled prophecy--not Hunduism Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, &c. Not even Roman Catholicism or any of the pseudo-Christian cults. In fact, many of them utterly ignore or even contradict and even deny Bible prophecy--which is why Replacement "theology" (heresy)is so rampant. It allows them to deny Israel's place in God's plan
The preterism as prophecied in 2 Peter 3:4 is a warning against this kind of thinking. I don't think it's there for nothing.
We are warned in advanve about false prophets. They are blatant deceivers though many follow these quacks. Benny Hinn is a prime example. He prophecied that God was going to destroy the homosexual communities of California. Though such people's prophecies are said in the name of the Lord they never came to pass. Yet they continue deceiving. People such as Barry Smith admit that they are falible and admit they are not prophets but merely point us to the prophets of the Bible. And they do what they can to show us the times in which we now live.
Surely that is no bad thing. And he did not have the unrepentant and arrogant attitude of those "prophets" who never apologise for their failures but continue making false prophecies.

Why I Don't Believe said...

Yeah, nice 'duck and weave' by both of you above posters. So when he says the right thing you cry, 'Anointing!' but when he says the wrong thing you cry, 'Oh, the humanity!' How convenient. How very convenient. Look, the dude was a crackpot conspiracy theorist. That doesn't mean Jesus wasn't god. It just means Smith was a crackpot conspiracy theorist. He was more often wrong than he was right in his predictions. Go back and see what he said in his books. It doesn't add up all these years later. It never did...but it was too soon tot tell.


Martin Horan said...

I, who wrote the message above (don't know why it didn't come up in my name), have never cried "annointing" when Barry Smith got things right. I merely accept it, the same as when he got the occasional thing wrong.
In fact, Barry Smith himself saw through those charlatans who claimed they had an annointing, and so do I. Actually, those who cry "annointing" generally do so in order that they won't apologise when they should. And Barry Smith never claimed to be a prophet, as I've already stated the Benny Hinns of this world do. And they continue making their false prophecies even when they get them wrong.
Barry Smith has stated the prophecies in the Bible and has given his personal take on them, never saying, "Thus saith the Lord." He himself openly condemned that kind of thing.
Had he not done so, I would be castigating him too. How can I castigate a man for something he hasn't done.
He jumped the gun. I can see why eve when I thought so at the time he did. For example, I didn't think Kissinger was anti-Christ, because Kissinger is Jewish, albeit an apostate. But Barry gave his reasonable assumptions why he thought Kissinger COULD be. He didn't actually say that he was.
That's a big difference from making a hard-and-fast statement about something and claiming it directly from the mouth of the Lord.
It would seem that the last poster does not give people the benefit of the doubt--accusing me of something I don't do and don't even like when anyone else does--so perhaps (and I say perhaps) that's what clouds his judgment, also, when I defend Barry Smith.
I have never thought the man infallible. If I did then I would--viz., cry "the annointed" and alternatively "Oh the humanity"--when it suits me. I don't see that the other corresondent did so either.
I would have thought that was obvious in my earlier statement.
While I realise that Conspiracy Theorists do get plenty of things wrong, they do get somethings right. Everyone does, even political people, because that is the nature of the beast.
Barry Smith only stuck to certain beliefs of his but at least he gave points why and was respectful.
Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of tolerance when it comes to the views of others.

Anonymous said...

Hi I attended Barry Smith s lecture in invervegas back in the late 90s, I gotta say dude, he was a stand up guy. I travelled this earth for 8yrs using my instincts, sometimes just to survive, I learned the hard way as a male nurse how to read a liar and this guy wasnt lying, if his timetable is out but these things still happen, will you still call him false?

Why I Don't Believe said...

> if his timetable is out but these
> things still happen,
> will you still call him false?

No, of course not, but I'll set a deadline of the 6th of the 6th, 2016. ;)

sarah said...

I read those books as a kid too and attended meetings by Barry smith too. and having gone through all of Christianity, understood it and experienced it, I'm so glad other people are realising the utter bullshit it is. and 'anonymous'-nice one for not having the balls to even have a name and also saying all the same shit every Christian always says. someone needs to tell Christians the more you 'share' the more you come across as a complete twat. and worst thing is you just think we don't understand, need the lord, or are bitter. hahahaha as if we haven't heard all that before.

Pitijer said...

The sucker in this instance is the author of this site. Sorry but you reinforce a statement in the bible that says, "Thinking themselves wise they became fools."
God bless Barry Smith and God did. He is with the Lord and you may not be unless there is true repentance. Ignorance is no excuse for burying our heads in the sand. Amazing that so many statements speculated by Barry Smith has revealed itself to be true. These statements were not intended for scaremongering but to point people to Jesus Christ the Saviour which he did preaching the Gospel. One thing for sure Barry Smith made clear that the bible is true and prophecy will come to pass 100% as those that already have.Denial is for the spiritually blind.

P.S Nothing personal. We all must repent and be ready to meet the Creator... it could be today.


Why I Don't Believe said...

Pitijer wrote:

P.S Nothing personal...

Yet then calls me a sucker and a fool.

I'm so glad it's not personal. LOL!

Michael short said...

Mr troy walker could it be that you are stii ll with us? If so this is the day of salvation! To whom this may concern there are sheep and there are goats there are obedient christian and disobedient christians he to whom the word of God speaks is delivered from a multitude of opinions !! (let us not stray from the simplicity of the gospel !

Anonymous said...

I lived in a small Victorian town where we were lucky enough to have a large group of close friends who were either ecology and environment students, or locals who had grown up seeing Barry Smith lectures, books and videos. We all used to watch them together and ironically, Barry became the Cult Hero of our group. All issues we met day to day could be dealt with with one of Barry's statements or quips and I even wrote a song about him once. In fact I just finished telling a stressed out mother that her own mum interfering in how she raised her child was witchcraft and occult! I love Barry, I was sad to hear of his death and I look forward to all eternity having huge arguments with him if there is any kind of afterlife at all. I hope there is a barstool next to him free in heaven for me...

Also, can I post songs here?

Patrick Sgro said...

Yeah I remember growing up with all these books on the shelf and the latest 'teaching' recording playing throughout the house.

Looking back, the dude spent like 20+ years traveling preaching selling books of stories from his nutcase delusional conspiracy mind. Oh he believed every word of it too.

I don't, however think him to have been of ill intent. He genuinely wanted to warn everyone of the sky that was falling. Just went way too far down the rabbit hole and in the end had more of a resemblance to the mad hatter.

It's sad. So many people willing to accept anything spoken to them from behind a pulpit.

To you if you're still stuck in the mind game - I hope you make it out, friend. Life is so much better out here.




You sir, are ignorant. Barry wasn't the first person to say all this. Many esteemed credible men went before him. Ex military,or professional menof academic high standing. Examples include, William Guy Carr, ex naval officer. Anthony Sutton, Stanley Monteith, William Cooper, and many more, including ex high ranking masons, whom some were murdered, for exposing the truth, some on the run. Also separate verification by ex witches, occultists and Satanists. Some f these types, Barry brought to Christ. God used Barry to do miracles, heal people and cast out demons, and this was verified by witnesses and tabloids in NZ and elsewhere. He was the real deal. Politicians, executives and ex military, FBI, CIA and other men and women, testify and authenticated his research. Yes he may got over zealous with conjecture some times, but who doesn't. Research the above. Then you are qualified to criticize. Otherwise show sone respect for the man who saved many lives and souls. He was a good man, a loving father and grandfather, and beloved by many. He doesn't deserve ridicule or slander. Noah received the same scoffers, mockers, ridicule before the flood, which incidentally has been proven. Atheist scientists hood winked the masses claiming an ice age, but that's a lie taught in schools, promoted by documentary and movies, etc. These same freemasons control the education system, and this is why people dont believe The Bible. Evolution theory has blinded them, as the masons planned. You may scoff now,sir, but in time, you will , if you are genuinely honest, look into the matter, you will see it is true what was said. Even JFK made a speech about Them. Good day.

John Tate said...

Hello just followed today the string of inputs by various contributors and I must first of all say well done to the person who has set up this blog for taking all comers. And also for not trashing anyone, as far as I can see, including "Anonymous" - who I think is a persistent guy, hope you are still in love with the Lord Jesus Anonymous - you arent anonymous to Him. Anyway just to add my twopennorth...I heard Barry speak in early 90s in Stoke on Trent, and he was a lovely man and he did believe what he was saying. I feel he got a little too specific about some things, and maybe opted to trade on the "fear factor" yes, but again if we try to use empathy this man was trying to win people for God away from an active and determined enemy (satan, whom I wont honour with a capital "s"). Barry lived his faith in that he met opposition, hecklers, etc. The Christian life is a constant trade off between our knowledge that this world (age) is finite and we arent to have our hopes too firmly fixed on it & its concerns, and that we are human and have relationships with people we love and care for, whether they be christian or not. Thats not a formula, or a timetable, its a relationship between us and a Person (too).

katz22 said...


katz22 said...

Nothing wrong with his information just his interpretation..his taught with passion and always told the audience to check out for themselves..he never tried to mislead he taught with conviction that is why his services were packed..Barry gave his best and God does the rest meaning that love covers a multitude of sin... a righteous man sins 490x a day Matt 18:22

Anonymous said...

It's a bad way to come to the Gospels - based on fear and half baked theories that overall haven't stood the test of time. Take it from someone who did just that in the eighties with Barry's books when young and impressionable. A foundation built on sand. Still, it was an introduction of sorts, so I guess always grateful for that. Instead of trying to predict the end times and be one of the many modern day "prophets" (who always seem to get it wrong), why not simply preach the "good news"?. Sure he meant well though. Cheers.

katz22 said...

The love of Christ is perfect and cast out all have some real fear issues and in need of repentence..fear is a snare and perfect love cast out all fear..and another point not all prophesies have been fulfiled in the bible read the Bible with a prophetic heart not pathetic judgmental attitude. Many gave their hearts to the Lord at Barry Smith meetings and many are still faithful because of the Gospel and have fulfilled their calling in Christ and the five fold ministry of God has grown throughout this land of New Zealand, Aotearoa and abroad because Barry Smith was first a servant.

Ephesians 4:11-16King James Version (KJV)

11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:

14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.
King James Version (KJV)

Anonymous said...

To Katz22 - not sure who your previous post is addressed to but if its me .... Yikes! Just saying what I honestly think - thanks for the lecture. I thought the sentence "Many gave their hearts ..........was first a servant" was a good point though. For what it's worth I still believe and always will have, faith in God / the Gospels. But unlike back in the 1980's I don't froth at the mouth anymore, which believe me is a good thing. All the best!

julian coetzee said...


Spending all this time writing about someone ells and their mistakes? Let us rather do something constructive with our short prescious time man. Leave what you cant change and focus on the positive chnges you cn make. Bring Heaven to earth for those around you and be Jesus to the world, let them see Jesus through you and your actions.

I hope you have changed since you wrote this years ago.

In Jesus Name, cheers.

Belle said...

Many many of Barry predictions came from words of the bible but only gods children will understand the wording of such a spiritual book.Barry smith was always coming across spirits that would try and attack and even when through he has passed there will always be spirit's attacking his word because his word is a warning from god.troy when you went to see Barry that was god knocking at your door every body gets a chance.its up to you if you open it.god bless

Dave said...

Barry was a 'model builder' in 1980 ... no Google then ... now you can get his 'references' in 'book form' for free ... Google them' ... hope you included other stuff than Barrys in your reading since then ... after all it's 2017 and Daniel chapter 2 is still 'in play' ... '... the Kingdom of God does not come with your carefull observation' cause why? 'the Kingdom of God is within you' Luke 17: 20-21 '... if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you He that raised up Jesus from the dead shall also quicken your mortal body by His Spirit that dwells in you. ...' Rom 8:11 ... Acts 1:11 says 'this same Jesus' will còme again ... I 'figure' we're in the 'tip toes' of the statue in Daniel 2 ... Jesus, the 'real MCoy' is coming again ...