Sunday, 11 February 2007

Take Jesus to China

I was recently trying to answer questions about Christianity in China and while browsing some websites I stumbled on this poster. It is an advertisement for a missions group somewhere in the USA.

They obviously want to take Jesus to China.

I get the feeling that he is already here though. There are churches all over the place. One near my house has John 3:16 in large Chinese characters on the outside wall of their building. One of my Chinese co-workers went to an evangelistic rally a few weeks back and said that although she didn't, she wanted to respond to the altar-call and accept Jesus (I told her to be careful). She also told me that the pastor was telling them all about a 1 million Yuan donation some parishioner made (I then asked her why God needs so much money if he is, in fact, God).

I live in China and I would prefer it if believers in the USA just take Jesus to the movies.


Yosei said...

Chinese evangelic Christianity is on the rise. Being born in Hong Kong I can understand however. Four thousand years of "Mandate of Heaven" and an almighty Emperor, and now socialist authoritarianism?

Jesus is but another hegemonic Emperor, only eternal. =/

Troy Waller said...

...not to mention a supertitious worldview (similar to to the Bible) and fascination with things 'western'.

Christianity might be another must-have Western import...Gucci, Mercedes, Prada, Jesus, Nike, Beyonce...

Yosei said...

The problem is that people are superficial. not to mention that Christianity isn't even from the West in the first place; people will think that because an ideal is good (the West), everything in it must also be good. Chinese Christians are probably surprised (and scared) to find out there are Caucasian atheists... bah humbug.

It makes me really depressed to see this new wave of irrationality sweeping over my once-proud country. One day the Chinese will wake up and realize that we, not the Westerners, have conned ourselves.

Yosei said...

And I forgot to mention: I liked your likening of Jesus to other Western imports. This makes it all the more superficial because Chinese Christians aren't becoming Christian because it makes sense, or they have done their research and proved it to be honest and truthful. They're only doing it because "ZOMG!!! All the other Westerners are doing it!!!"

How superficial. I have far more respect for someone who converts to Christianity out of an intellectual (and to an extent, emotional) respect for it.

Moth said...

But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He"s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can"t handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes & they always need a little more